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Orthopedic Children Care Foundation

The Orthopedic Children Care Foundation (OCCF) is a private non-profit organization (501c3) founded to support medical services for underprivileged children suffering from orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions, finance medical research and promote the development of medical infrastructure dedicated to address pediatric orthopedic conditions.

OCCF has its root in Venezuela. Its founders are part of generations dedicated to keeping the Hospital Ortopédico Infantil true to its cause. With OCCF, they are leveraging their decades of experience to help Latin American communities in the United States that are in need of financial help.

Orthopedic Children Hospital. Caracas, Venezuela

Back in 1942, when Polio was causing havoc among Venezuelan children, a visionary entrepreneur, Don Eugenio Mendoza Goiticoa, founded the Venezuelan Foundation Against Infantile Paralysis (FVCLPI), with the mission to fight disability and the other sequel of Poliomyelitis. Joined by a group of collaborators, he built in l945, the most significant public service organization of that times, the “Anti-poliomyelitis Hospital of Caracas”, with the mission to provide care to the most vulnerable infantile population affected by Polio.

Years later, Dr. Jonas Edward Salk discovered and tested the polio vaccine. Thus began the massive immunization program of children between the ages of two months and five years. Later, in l955, Dr. Albert Sabin developed an oral vaccine with results that were very successful, to the point that the disease was almost completely eradicated.

By l956, very few cases of polio were reported in the country, and that explains why the Anti-poliomyelitis Hospital of Caracas changed its name to “Children’s Orthopedic Hospital” (HOI) attending not only patients affected by Polio but also those with osteoid muscular disorders.

Nowadays, due to the increasing demand of medical services in the country, the HOI expanded its services to 26 different medical specialties, keeping its core mission in helping children in need, with orthopedic and neuromuscular disorders.

More than 270.000 patients received attention at the HOI, and around 5.000 surgeries are practice yearly. These goals are achieved thanks to the commitment of more than 200 doctors and health professionals and a team of 500 people working together in one of the most successful nonprofit organization in the country.

A family legacy

HOI and FVCLPI has become the most important child care in Latin America.

For 70 years this foundation has been powered by Eugenio Mendoza's legacy. Passed down from generation to generation.

The love and passion for the cause is what makes this institution as solid and strong as it is today.

More than 70 years in service

Medical Treatment

The Foundation may contribute funds to underprivileged children in need of medical treatment, mainly those who have orthopedic conditions.


The Foundation may contribute funds to pay for doctors and Staff educa=on and training to improve their capabilities as professionals.

Medical and Technical Assistance

The Foundation may contribute funds to pay for technical services or assistance from doctors or technicians in case they are needed to solve a specific situation.

who we are


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    Andreina Vogeler


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    Ana Teresa Arismendi

    Vice President

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    Mariana Frias


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    Juan Andrés Vogeler


What drives us


  • Solidarity

    Our Priority is to guarantee quality service to all of our patients.

  • Commitment

    Because we assume and fulfill individual and collective commitments and obligations with our staff, our patients and service providers and products.

  • Respect

    because we consider without exception the dignity of the human person, the rights and freedoms that are inherent to him, always with kind and tolerant treatment.

  • Social Responsibility

    Because we contribute to the solution of health problems of the most needy sectors of the population, showing a broad commitment to the community, while contributing to the training of professionals in the specialty of Orthopedic Traumatology.

  • Ethics

    Because we act in compliance with the codes, norms and principles of health professionals.

  • Transparency & Accountability

    In the provision of the services of the institution without distinction of gender, social group, ideology and creed, state of health or illness.

Every donation counts, even if you just share our cause